Meet Veronica and Brett of Little River Watersports

Meet Veronica and Brett of Little River Watersports

Little River Watersports is the place to go when you are looking for some fun activities on the water. We wanted to introduce you to Veronica and Brett who both share the love of outdoor activities on the water. We have asked them a few questions to help you learn a little more about them and their passion with watersports.

Q: Where are you originally from?

Brett: I am originally from West Virginia and I moved with my family to Myrtle Beach when I was 12 years old. I graduated from North Myrtle Beach High/Academy for Arts and Science in 2008. I went to Coastal Carolina University where I majored in Exercise Science with a Minor in Health Promotions.

Veronica: I was born in Venezuela and I have been in the Myrtle Beach area since I was 8 years old. I graduated from Myrtle Beach High School in 2009.

Q: What are your hobbies?

Brett: I love to do Brazilian Jujitsu, outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding and jet skiing. I also love to spend time our 5 dogs.

Veronica: I love to do yoga, outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding and jet skiing. Brett and I love to spend time with our 5 dogs. I am also very eco-friendly and while on our jet ski tours. I will pick up trash out of the ocean and either recycle or will toss the trash where it belongs. Brett and I are married, and we share the love of our watersports with others at Little River Watersports. We are great with kids and love to see the faces of our guests when they come and experience getting out on the water.

Meet Veronica and Brett of Little River Watersports

If you and your family have been looking to try something new when you visit Myrtle Beach on your next vacation, give Little River Watersports a chance. We do have a YouTube channel that will feature Brett with fun videos that will want you to get into the water too. We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next vacation to the North Myrtle Beach area soon!

Our Myrtle Beach Dolphin Tour is Amazing!

Do you and your family have a vacation planned to Myrtle Beach this summer? If the answer is yes, then we have to tell you all about our jet ski rental tours you can take advantage of. Myrtle Beach has a lot of different tours, but we promise you that we are the cheapest around Dolphin Tour. Let’s check below at some of the fun that you and your family can enjoy while you are on vacation.

Ocean Excursion Adventure Tour

We at Little River Watersports have a great opportunity for your family to get up close with the local dolphins. Being able to take a nice hour-long Ocean Excursion Adventure Tour will make your vacation the best. This is perfect for those who like to do new things every time you go on vacation and for those who love wildlife. We are the only company who can get you the closest to the dolphins as they frolic in the ocean and play games. If you aren’t up for the rough seas, then we will be able to take you to calmer waters which is a win-win day. For the best time to have a wonderful day is to take advantage of our early morning tours.

All the Fun Under the Sun Tour

For a little more fun and adventure, the All the Fun Under the Sun Tour is just for you. This is a 2-hour long tour that your family can get all the action in and still enjoy the wildlife. Your tour will begin with an exhilarating ride to the Atlantic Ocean in search for dolphins. Next, we will bring you closer to the jet ski rental company on the Little River Inlet to have fun. After we enjoy our Ocean Excursion Adventure tour, will be take a quick break at one of the two islands along the coast. To end your amazing tour, you will be able to enjoy some top speeds and see all the sights through North Carolina and South Carolina. Don’t miss out on this fun tour with the family.

While we have other fun tours that your family can take advantage of, these the two we thought you’d enjoy. If you haven’t made your decision on which tour is going to be best for your next vacation, check out our other Myrtle Beach jet ski rental tours we have. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you do an adventure like no other!